Featherbed Resort for Birds - Framingham, MA

The Featherbed Resort for Birds

Offering Premier Bird and Parrot Boarding. 
The Perfect Getaway... for your bird!

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need when I call or email? -   Just let us know the approximate dates of  boarding and your type of bird. We'll go from there together.

Everything sounds great, but can we come visit you before we board?  Absolutely! We welcome owners to visit with or without their birds to come and learn more about us.

Can you provide references? - Yes, Yes, and Yes!  We pride ourselves on our happy customers, both human and birdie. The humans happily provide references.

Do I need to bring my bird's cage? - Not unless you prefer too.  We provide new, clean wonderful cages for bird to enjoy.  Please do bring favorite toys and anything else you think your bird will enjoy during his or her stay.  If you have a smaller bird and would like to bring their cage, that is welcome.

What if my bird gets sick while I am away? - We have alliances with all local Avian Veterinarians, as well as Tufts Veterinary Hospital and Angell Memorial Hospital. We will first contact your bird's own Vet. If he or she is not available, your pet will be taken to Angell Memorial Hospital, where there is always an Exotics Vet in hospital.  You will be notified right away, but in an emergency your bird's health is our primary concern. A trip to the Vet might occur before we can reach you.  You will be responsible for any charges incurred for your bird's veterinarian care.

Why is there a health certificate requirement? - Because some avian illness can spread for bird to bird and also to humans, we need to protect  the health of all the birdies and humans who visit and stay with us.

I'm concerned my parrot has behavioral issues. Can you help? - Our extensive experience with parrots allows us to offer tips and guidance on behavioral issues. We also offer for-fee behavioral consults is some instances. Please let us know your concerns and we'll help out.

What other paperwork is required?  In addition to the health certificate, You will be emailed a Birdie Questionnaire. This will help us get to know your bird better so he or she will have a happy, comfortable, fun stay. A boarding agreement will also need to be signed.

What should I bring for my bird's stay?

  • Favorite Toys - as many as possible!
  • Your bird's "Happy Hut" or other sleeping tent if he has one.
  • Health certificate
  • Your bird's pelleted diet or seed mix.  - We will supplement it with freshly prepared organic fruits, vegetables, and warm meals.












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