Featherbed Resort for Birds - Framingham, MA

The Featherbed Resort for Birds

Offering Premier Bird and Parrot Boarding. 
The Perfect Getaway... for your bird!

Accomodations and Rates:
We have beautiful, clean cages ready for your bird's stay with us. Relaxed, bright, and friendly, the Featherbed Resort for Birds is situated in a garden cottage home located in Framingham, MA.  

We currently have two Suites in which your bird may stay:

The Main Suite is a bright and cheerful room which opens up to our living room and houses the most birds of our two options.

The Canopy is an adjoining Suite that was designed with a more intimate feel for your parrot. It houses a smaller number of parrots.

Both Suites offer large windows, plenty of sun, and feathered friends with whom to enjoy "flocking behavior". There is plenty of room for your bird to enjoy out-of-cage time (supervised of course!)


$16-30per day depending on your bird's size. 

A discount is extended for multi-bird households and for stays longer than 3 weeks.

$16 - Parakeet and Love Bird sized Birds

$18 - Cockatiels

$20 - Senegals, Small Conures and similar sized Birds

$22 - African Greys, and other medium sized parrots.

$25-30 - Cockatoos and small Macaws.









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