Featherbed Resort for Birds - Framingham, MA

The Featherbed Resort for Birds

Offering Premier Bird and Parrot Boarding. 
The Perfect Getaway... for your bird!

What do you do with your feathered friend when you go on vacation, on a business trip, have remodeling and painting done in your home, or have a situation where your bird may need a vacation of it's own?

We've been offering boarding for birds and parrots for the last 12 years in our garden cottage home for bird owners who want to travel knowing their bird is also having a special vacation.

If you need to travel and leave your bird in someone else's care, be assured that the birds at Featherbed Resort for Birds receive care in a fun, safe, supervised environment. Boarders are surrounded by other feathered friends, our own resident parrot Mango, and have lots of human interaction. In fact, birds experience less separation anxiety when surrounded by other birds allowing you to return to a happy pet.

Because our Bird Suite is open to our living room, your pet is in the middle of the action and treated as part of the family. Lots of out-of-cage time, interaction, and birdie head scratches are provided.  We only take a limited number of birds at a time to ensure all guests get the love and attention they deserve.  

The food we offer is organic, with no yucky pesticides to worry about, and we only serve bottled or filtered water.  A healthy pellet and seed mix, along with fresh fruits and vegetables and a warm dinner are served for our bird guests each day. 

We welcome all birds as long as they have a recent health certificate. Special requests are welcomed such as a special diet or clicker training reinforcement.

References from other happy bird guests and their owners are available, and we welcome any questions you may have.





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